Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Masnavi Maulana Room in Urdu

Rumi's works are written in the New Persian language and his Masnavi remains one of the purest literary glories of Persia and one of the crowning glories of the Persian language. Masnavi Maulana Room is a marvelous classic persian book by Jalal -Ud- Din Rumi with Urdu Translation. The title Masnavi-Ma'navi means "Rhyming Couplets of Profound Spiritual Meaning." The Masnavi is a poetic collection of rambling anecdotes and stories derived from the Quran, Hadith sources, and everyday tales. The Masnavi is a series of six books of poetry that amount to about aprox. 27,000 verses or 54,000 lines. 

Masnavi Rumi by Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi Urdu translation pdf
Masnavi Maulana Room in Urdu
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